Trophy German equipment to be used during staged storm of Berlin

Performed operation of the Red Army in Belin is staged near Moscow

The trophy German armored vehicles and restored Soviet tanks of World War II times are used in performed operation of the Red Army in Belin, which is staged at the Patriot Park not far from Moscow, the Russian Defense Ministry said on April 23.

"For the staged performance, we use genuine German and Soviet armored vehicles, which were restored and reconstructed, as well as the equipment owned by Mosfilm (filmmaking studio)," the ministry said. According to the ministry, during the reconstruction the participants will use two T34-85 tanks, two IS-2 tanks, two self-propelled artillery units, four BM-13 "Katyusha" launchers - from the Soviet side, and "four PzKpfw IV tanks, two PzKpfw III tanks, a PzKpfw VI tank, a Sturmgesch·tz self-propelled gun, and armored vehicles on the side of the Wehrmacht." In addition, two Messershmitt Bf-109 E," the Russian Defense Ministry said.

The audience will see performed tank fights, duels between fighter aircraft, as well as actions by infantry units. "In total, on the field will be up to 30 samples of vehicles and armored vehicles of the World War II period," the ministry said.

Source: TASS

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