Putin, Modi exchange greetings on 70th anniversary of diplomatic ties

Vladimir Putin and Narendra Modi praise the strategic partnership between Moscow and New Delhi. Source: Kremlin.ru

Vladimir Putin and Narendra Modi praise the strategic partnership between Moscow and New Delhi. Source: Kremlin.ru

In a message to Pranab Mukherjee and Narendra Modi, Vladimir Putin said Russia and India were making “a substantial contribution” to the fight against terrorism. Modi said Indo-Russian cooperation extended “to shaping a new world order.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on April 13, exchanged greetings on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

In a letter to Indian President Pranab Mukherjee and Modi, Putin praised the progress made by the two countries in developing ties in several fields.

“Over the past decades, Russia and India have accumulated considerable potential of mutually beneficial cooperation,” Putin wrote in the letter. “A constructive political dialogue has been established, large-scale joint projects in trade, economic, energy, scientific, technological, infrastructure and humanitarian spheres are underway.”

Calling the anniversary a historic milestone, Modi praised Russia’s assistance in India’s nation building efforts.

“This historic milestone is yet another reminder of the strength and resilience of our partnership that has withstood the test of time,” Modi wrote in a letter to Putin. “In the last seven decades, relations between India and Russia have admirably served the interests of both our peoples. India deeply values the consistent support we have received from Russia in our nation building efforts.”

Cooperation in the global arena

Modi added that the “special and privileged strategic partnership” served as “an example of mutually beneficial relations” for the whole world.

“Our cooperation extends to shaping a new world order which reflects the realities of the 21st century,” the Indian Prime Minister said. “We share common approaches to the most important regional and global issues, including the centrality of the United Nations and the threat from international terrorism. Our partnership is an important factor of peace and stability in the world.”

The Russian President also praised the cooperation between the countries in the global arena.

“While taking close stands on key issues of global and regional agenda, Moscow and New Delhi effectively coordinate their efforts within such multilateral structures as the UN and BRICS. By acting hand in hand, our countries make a substantial contribution to the fight against terrorism, extremism, cross-border crime and other challenges of today.”

Moscow and New Delhi have generally seen eye-to-eye on most global issues. However, India has not officially commented on the latest developments in Syria. New Delhi has maintained its position that talks were the only way to resolve the conflict in the Middle Eastern country.

Expansion of the strategic partnership

Putin praised the strategic partnership between Moscow and New Delhi.

“I am confident that the further strengthening of special and privileged strategic partnership meets the fundamental interests of the peoples of Russia and India and goes fully in line with cementing international stability and security,” Putin said.

The sentiments were echoed in Modi’s letter. “I am confident that through our common vision and efforts, our partnership will continue growing stronger to reach many more significant milestones,” the Indian Prime Minister said.

India established diplomatic ties with the Soviet Union on April 13, 1947. The Russian and Indian governments are marking the anniversary with a series of cultural, economic and diplomatic initiatives.

In an attempt to reach out to a wide audience, All India Radio (AIR) will broadcast special programmes on its domestic and external network to mark the anniversary.

“A series of programmes highlighting the various facets of the relationship between the two countries shall be touched upon in these specially devised programmes,” the radio station said in a press release, adding that it broadcasting a program on the India-Russia diplomatic relationship along with Radio Sputnik, Moscow.

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