'Real-life Rapunzel': The Russian woman who hasn't cut her hair since 2003

Darya Gubanova decided 13 years ago not to go to the hairdresser until her tresses reached right down to her feet.

Darya Gubanova, a woman from Barnaul (2,200 miles from Moscow), has a rather unusual nickname: "Real-life Rapunzel."

For the past 13 years, Gubanova has not been tiring herself with wearisome visits to hairdressers and beauty salons. In 2003, she decided to grow her hair down to her feet and has not cut even one centimeter since then.

It should be noted that Gubanova's hair looks healthy and well-groomed. On social networks, she actively praises the healing properties of flaxseed oil, which, she says, helps maintain healthy-looking hair and stimulates its growth.

Gubanova plans not to cut her hair until it reaches her feet, which, she assumes, will take another three or four years.

The hair-growing process is being monitored not only by Gubanova herself, but also by her 107,000 Instagram subscribers.

These followers tend to be interested in various issues of hair care: "How often does she wash her head?", "What to do to grow such tresses?," "What shampoos and balms does she use?" etc.

Gubanova is not the only "Rapunzel" in her family. Her six-year-old daughter also has very long hair and, in all probability, will catch up with her mom soon. 

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