A chance of raining cats this spring in Moscow?

A black cat, the inhabitant of the Bulgakov House cultural center.

A black cat, the inhabitant of the Bulgakov House cultural center.

Ruslan Krivobok/RIA Novosti
Muscovites are asked to help prevent high-rise cat falls

Moscow’s Committee of Veterinarians asked cat-loving Muscovites to be careful when opening windows this spring. Cats often love walking along window frames and can easily fall out, the organization reported on its website. 

“Soon, Moscow will warm up and Muscovites will start opening windows more often to let the fresh spring air into their apartments, and domestic cats normally seek to walk along window frames. The recent February thaw has already caused a rise in the number of `flying’ cats this year,” said the Committee of Veterinarians.

The phenomenon of cats falling from tall buildings is nothing new and even has a name, high-rise syndrome.  Cats have a natural attraction to high places and can usually survive a fall from great heights by flipping their bodies over so that they land on their feet. Still, they can suffer major internal injuries when they land.

According to the veterinarians’ website, the easiest way to keep your four-legged furry friends safe this spring is to put on window screens.

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