Half of Russians do not want a female president

March 6, 2017 RBTH
Overall, most Russians support equal opportunity for women, but their numbers are decreasing quickly, according to recent research.
تترأس الحاكمة السابقة لسان بطرسبورغ، العاصمة الروسية الثانية، السيدة ماتفينكو، المجلس الاتحادي- مجلس الشيوخ في البرلمان الروسي. تصوير: ITAR -TASS
Over 40 percent of Russians believe that the chances of getting a promotion are roughly equal for men and women. Pictured: Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matviyenko. Source: TASS

The number of Russians against women in politics grew from 20 percent to 30 percent over the past year, reported the Levada Center. In addition, more than half of Russians do not want to see a woman as president.

The attitude of Russians towards female politicians has rapidly worsened in the past year, as seen in the results of a poll by Levada Center, Interfax reported.

About 30 percent of Russians do not at all approve of women in politics. Last year, this figure was 20 percent. Meanwhile, 54 Percent of respondents are not ready to see a woman as Russia’s head of state in the next 10-15 years.

Only 33 percent of respondents were not against a female president. The other 13 percent didn’t express an opinion. The share of Russians who don’t want as many women as men in higher state positions also rose 10 percent in the past year, from 28 percent to 38 percent. Those who support equal rights in this matter decreased from 64 percent to 56 percent.

At the same time, 41 percent believe that the chances of getting a promotion are roughly equal for men and women. Nearly half (48 percent) felt that promotions are easily achieved by men, while 7 percent are sure that women easier climb the career ladder.

The survey was conducted from Feb. 17 to 20 among 1,600 people in 137 settlements of 48 Russian regions.

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