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Hello from the other side: Russian blogger buried alive for 24 hours

Watch a young man broadcast in real time from the grave within 2 minutes
By Kira Pievskaya, Anna Sorokina

Near the Moscow Region in the town of Kubinka, Russian blogger Alexander Gambarov (30), who goes by the name Gabar, spent 24 hours in a coffin to test his mental and physical capabilities. 

Gabar made the coffin himself from pine boards. Air for the coffin went through two tubes underground. He also used them to communicate with friends and relatives. Moreover, Gabar broadcasted ‘live’ via his Youtube channel directly from the grave. 

"I was waiting for so much when the lid is open!" – Gambarov told to the Metro newspaper on Feb. 17. "The doctors advised me to rise slowly. But I had a plan in my head – the cover opens, I abruptly jump out of the coffin. But as soon as I got to his feet, I lost the balance, was not able to go. It lasted for five minutes. There was some kind of weightlessness, a complete loss of space. I still in a strange state." "I'll be honest – as a child, I have never dreamed of being immured in a coffin. But now I wanted to test myself, to prove that I can do it. And now I'll tell you so – I will never repeat it!".

February 17, 2017
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