Week in Russian kitchen: Fish week, Russian whiskey, gastronomic Moscow map

The Fish Week gastronomic festival will be worth attending.

The Fish Week gastronomic festival will be worth attending.

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RBTH presents a digest of Russia's most delicious culinary events from May 4-10, 2016.

Moscow to host second Fish Week Festival

This year Moscow will host the second annual Fish Week Festival from May 13-22, 2016.

The Fish Week Festival is not just an ordinary market: inside the fair guests will be able to attend numerous workshops from leading Moscow restaurateurs.

This gastronomic festival welcomes fishermen from all over the country to participate. Last year guests were able to sample such delicacies as Crimean common kilka, surmullet, anchovies and rapa whelk.

Many believe that fish is healthier than meat, as it contains fewer harmful substances and its vitamins and nutrients are easier to ingest. Body tissues of many fish species offer antibacterial properties and insulin, pancreatin enzymes and other medicines are derived from fish.

City food market

The Fish Week Festival will be not the only delicious food market in Moscow in the upcoming week: the Museum of Moscow will host the Town Food Market from May 14-15. The market brings together small town cafes and producers and anyone that has ever dreamed of opening their own cafe is welcome to try their hand at it.

The food market will be held every month in summer, with a special theme every month. May’s theme is coffee – organizers have invited various coffee producers to demonstrate everything that can be made from this delicious bean.

The market has become even more consumer friendly this year: it is possible to pay with bankcards and all dishes can be preordered and delivered anywhere citywide.

Approximately 30 gastronomical enterprises will present various innovative food services with workshops, presentations and lectures, and restaurateurs and chefs will share their experiences on transforming popular dishes into street food.

First Russian whisky

Source: Shutterstock / Legion-MediaSource: Shutterstock / Legion-Media

The first Russian whisky distillery, which is expected to supply one third of the country’s supply of the drink, will open in the Kaliningrad Region at the Alliance-1892 cognac and wine factory. If the experiment is successful, the first Russian whisky will be available for tasting as early as 2021.

It is notable that the raw products for the whisky will be local and come from the Smolensk and Tver regions. The whiskey will be produced using a classic “Scottish” process.

If everything goes as planned, Russian whisky will even be exported.

Vodka is definitely the spirit that has a clear association with Russia, but soon it might have a competitor.

Gastronomic Moscow Metro map

Remember the Kitay-gorod barhopping map? Here’s the next map in the series: the Localway online guide team has created a gastronomical map of the Moscow Metro.

The familiar names of the metro lines are changed to culinary ones: there is the steak line, the burger line, the pasta line – 10 lines in all. The most notable restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and bars are highlighted for each line at specific stations. For example, Saxon + Parole is at the Tverskaya station of the burger line and Ugolek can be found at the Biblioteka imeni Lenina station on the steak line.

The map focuses on the most notable places in their niches that are handpicked according to “the humble personal opinions” of Localway’s staff.

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