Defense ministry exhibits top military innovations

  In the future, Innovation Day will be held twice a year, and anyone interested may attend — from experienced engineers to young students of science and technology. Source: ITAR-TASS

In the future, Innovation Day will be held twice a year, and anyone interested may attend — from experienced engineers to young students of science and technology. Source: ITAR-TASS

From exoskeleton and gel capes, to battle simulators and inflatable tanks.

On Aug. 20,the “Russian Federation Defense Ministry Innovations Day” exhibition was held in Moscow, being the first to showcase cutting-edge defense developments.

More than 250 participants assembled on the grounds of the CSKA Football Complex, where they presented advanced developments designed to be introduced in the Russian armed forces. Presented here are the top 5 most interesting innovations from the Russian defense industry.

T-80 inflatable tank

An inflatable tank — the model T-80 — was situated directly outside the entrance to the complex where the exhibition was held.

According to the tank’s manufacturers, such objects are used for misleading enemy reconnaissance. 

Similar “tanks” are already being produced in China. However, the Russian model offers a number of advantages over the competitor’s version. The inflatable T-80, in contrast to analogous Chinese models, is “leaky” — which means the Russian “tank” does not deflate if there is mechanical damage.

In addition, the fake tank has parts that warm up in the engine and exhaust area, where heat would be detected on a real tank. This helps to trick scouts’ infrared detection equipment.

Russian Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu: “I would very much like to see as many as possible of the young people — the young talent present today at our exhibition — come to factories and enterprises tomorrow. Most importantly, we should obtain the results that we expect from them.”

The inflatable tank fits easily into a small pouch and can be unfurled and inflated in 10 minutes with a special pump. 

Exoatlet exoskeleton

A Russian-manufactured exoskeleton was one of the first inventions presented before the soldiers’ court. The apparatus enhances a person’s capabilities, making it possible for him to haul up to 220 pounds of weight while putting minimal stress on the body — and all without the use of

“The mechanical knee joints lock at the moment of motion. As a result, all of the weight that once fell on the individual now presses on the device, completely bypassing him,” said the director of the Laboratory for the Development of Exoskeleton, Alexander Formalski.

Taking on the weight of a soldier’s equipment and weapons, such an apparatus makes fighters several times more mobile and resilient. 

Logos virtual battlefield simulator

At the exhibition, soldiers tested the complex tactical simulators of the mechanized infantry company Logos. The simulators already underwent state testing in December of last year and are currently being prepared for introduction into the army arsenal.   

 “It is a good help to a commander training his subordinates for tactical actions in the field. It makes it possible to train soldiers before they enter the field or are given weapons,” said Lt. Yevgeny Derevjankin, sharing his impressions while personally testing the new development.

The simulator is offered in two versions — computer and iron — that fully mirror the conditions in a combat vehicle.   

Sentinel bracelet

The company Argus-Spectrum developed and presented at the exhibition the Sentinel bracelet, which serves as a warning device. According to the developers, if a person wearing the bracelet stops moving or is kidnapped, a signal reaches headquarters with this information. If the wearer sees someone suspicious approaching, he can press the bracelet’s panic button.   

Sergei Shoigu has already ordered military units covering the Caucasus to wear such bracelets, in preparation for the Olympics in Sochi.

The defense minister was especially impressed that the new product can ensure the security of ordinary conscripts as well as professional soldiers.

Mantos gel cape

Yet another military innovation presented was the fire-extinguishing Mantos gel cape.

“At the moment, there is not a single army equipped with these gel capes. These make it possible to extinguish Class A [burning solids] and B [burning liquids] fires,” said Marianna Skragan, the company development director for Complex Security Technology.

She added that the cape can put out a flame on a person in two seconds flat.

This product may also be used to extinguish fires in the engine compartments of military equipment. Sergei Shoigu has already proposed equipping all Russian tank crews with such capes.

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