Science-fiction meets reality in Irkutsk

RoboSib Festival will open on Nov.28. Source: Press Photo

RoboSib Festival will open on Nov.28. Source: Press Photo

Well-known Russian science fiction writer Sergey Lukyanenko will visit the First Irkutsk Robotics Festival "RoboSib” to talk with participants about Russia’s technological future.

One of the most significant scientific and educational events of the year - the First Irkutsk Robotics Festival "RoboSib" will open in Irkutsk on November 28. More than 500 people ages six to 30 claiming to be the future engineering elite will gather at the festival to present their developments.

The festival is organized by En + Group and Oleg Deripaska’s Free Business Foundation under the nationwide program "Robotic Engineering: Engineering and Technical Personnel of Innovative Russia."

In addition to the traditional competitive unit, the festival's program will include public lectures, workshops, roundtable discussions, seminars and meetings with famous Russian science fiction writers.

One such writer will be Sergei Lukyanenko, one of the most famous Russian writers of science fiction and the author of the famous series about the life of The Others (Night WatchDay Watch , etc.), which was adapted into films by Timur Bekmambetov.

Lukyanenko will come to RoboSib as part of an open lecture to talk to participants and guests of the event about possible future technology development scenarios in Russia and the world at large.

Besides Lukyanenko, the festival has also invited Mikhail Uspensky, another well-known Russian writer. A separate program with the participation of Irkutsk writers is developed for Leonid Kaganov, the equally well-known and loved Russian science fiction writer, satirist and scriptwriter.

RoboSib organizers believe the history of the evolution of technology demonstrates something that only a few decades ago seemed an impossible fantasy, but which has now become a reality.

In this sense, the fulfilling "prophecy" of science fiction writers shows the close relationship between science and creativity: quantum leaps in science are impossible without inspiration, creativity and daring ideas, and the ability to anticipate the technological future is a valuable asset for future robotics engineers.

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