Russian tech startups set their sights on the New World

August 12, 2016 Victoria Zavyalova, RBTH
Ten startups from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus will have the opportunity to develop their business in the U.S. and to attract another round of investment from American venture funds.
Start-up New York
Startups from Russia will be able to develop their business in the U.S. Source: Reuters

Next week the New York-based Starta Accelerator commences its second acceleration program for tech startups from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. Ten startups were selected from 209 applicants, and their founders will come to New York City on August 15 for a 14-week acceleration program. They will have the opportunity to develop their business in the U.S. and to attract another round of investment from American venture funds and business-angels.

Those selected for the program include Insense, a platform that makes it easy to run effective marketing campaigns through Instagram; Aerostatean app which provides worldwide air quality forecasting, The Journeywhich increases the gaming thrill with full immersion virtual reality; and Kidbeea personalized education tool for those under seven years of age.

Six startups from Starta's first acceleration program secured investments totaling $10 million after Demo Day. For example, Navigine garnered $400,000 from American investors to prepare for А-round; GeoCV received an M&A offer from competitors in the last stage of closing a venture round that totaled $3.5 million; and C`Indicator closed a pre-seed round totaling $250,000.

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