Interseliger Photo Contest

Interseliger Photo Contest

We are pleased to announce that RBTH has become a partner of InterSeliger, the international project aimed at uniting the world leaders of tomorrow, to be held on the shores of the magnificent lake Seliger from 9 to 17 July 2012.

One key topic for discussion at the forum will be multiculturalism and how different cultures co-exist, merge, and influence each other in today's fast-moving world. We invite our readers to take and share their pictures capturing the different aspects of Russian culture while also expressing aspects of their individual heritage.

This could be two people in traditional costumes shaking hands, young children reading books in different languages, a balalika concert on Times Square, or if you are attending Seliger - images from your journey to (and time at) the forum - or anything striking that comes to mind.

Try to be creative and thoughtful when choosing pictures to be submitted to the contest. The pictures submitted must be your own original work.

Please send your photos to

We will post the pictures submitted in a separate album on our Facebook page and feature them on our Timeline. The gallery will also appear on a dedicated page on

Prizes include a camera-bag and tripod which will be shipped to your local address.

Please note that each participant can submit no more than 2 photos. The deadline for submission is July 15, 2012. We will then choose the two winners and announce them on July 17.


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