Winning the heart of a Russian beauty

For Russian women, giving flowers is an extremely important part of the courting process. Source: Shutterstock / Legion-Media

For Russian women, giving flowers is an extremely important part of the courting process. Source: Shutterstock / Legion-Media

Russian women are considered to be extremely beautiful. Additionally, they are excellent house-wives, caring mothers, and faithful friends. It is therefore not surprising that men from all over the world want to date Russian girls. But, as with any people, the Russians have their own peculiarities, which could create problems in the relationship if you are unaware of them.


The best way to meet a Russian girl is through friends. If a man is introduced to her by someone she knows, she will treat him with greater trust based on the principle that “a friend of my friend is a friend” – one of the keystones of Russian society.

If you don’t have such friends, then you could meet girls on the street or in any public place. In this scenario, the simplest approach is to ask for help. Say that you have arrived from a different country, that you don’t know Russian and can’t find the Tretyakov Gallery or the Bolshoi Theater. Later you can ask her what you should visit, and what her favorite places in the city are.

It is best not to start with a stream of compliments, this might scare her off and she will immediate begin to guess what you really want from her. If, instead, you make a sensible request, then you can avoid these assumptions. To thank her for her assistance, you could suggest having a cup of coffee together and say that you want to learn more about Russian culture.

Beginning a relationship

If you have managed to get a phone number, congratulations! But now you must be careful and remember several rules.

Do not ring too often or at inappropriate times – Russian girls do not like intrusiveness. Don’t ask her where she is, who she is with and what she is doing. It is better to ask her how she feels and what mood she’s in – this will look like you are being attentive, not controlling.

First date

When meeting in person, be courteous and gallant (this is good advice for all women, not just Russians). Do not forget your good manners and it will pay dividends later.

Russian women are not as feminist as European or American women – they value old world courtesies, such as when a man opens the door for them, takes their coat or helps them on with it. For Russian women, giving flowers is an extremely important part of the courting process. It is best to avoid gifts, especially expensive gifts at first, as the woman may decide you are trying to buy her. However, paying for the coffee or the taxi is another matter.

If the weather permits, invite her to go for a walk. Show her your favorite places in the city. Conversations about architecture and history easily move onto more personal and meaningful subjects. Ask her what she personally associates with such places, did she play here in her childhood? Such recollections usually awaken positive emotions.

If the weather is unfavorable for walks, invite her to an exhibition. Here you can show yourself in a good light, simply learn several interesting facts and use them in casual conversation. Russian women love educated and multifaceted men, and such little devices can be useful.

Peculiarities of Russian girls

Russian girls, especially in large cities, are independent and ambitious. They hold their own with men in both intellect and career, but family is very important to them. For this reason men have greater chances for success if they are focused on serious, long term relationships.

They always dress carefully: hair-styling, manicure, make-up, glamorous clothes – without all this, no self respecting girl will go out onto the street. For this reason when discussing a date it is best to organize it at least a day in advance. Try to ensure that your appearance is in keeping with hers. Trainers and sports clothes are unlikely to be appropriate, but a suit and tie might create too formal an atmosphere. The best option is smart casual.

Russian girls never try to compete with men, and never attempt to show them that they are equal to them in everything, unlike their European neighbors. Their motto is to be a real lady with a real man. But don’t get carried away and be too macho.

Follow these simple rules and you will be convinced, based on your own experience, how charming and wonderful Russian girls really are.

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