20 bars and clubs in Sochi for the best night out

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A day at a health resort flies by quickly during any season. And then come the “Dark Nights in Sochi”, as it is sung in a popular Soviet-era song.

Rock-n-roll bars

1. Lets start with the rock bars. The Treugolnik (Triangle) is perhaps the oldest one in Sochi. It is an establishment where there is a brutal atmosphere and a daring rock 'n' roll charisma. At the weekend you can catch a live concert here where the atmosphere is always noisy and cheerful. The main rule is “no pop music”. During the week you can safely visit the bar with your family and enjoy a special pizza – nowhere else will you find a pizza like in the Treugolnik. In addition to pizzas, the menu includes first and second courses, as well as a large selection of salads and drinks. Milkshakes and fresh juices are available for kids. Adults can enjoy beer and other alcoholic drinks, ranging from ordinary to luxury beverages. An average lunch in the bar will cost you about $16 (11 euro) per person. The rock bar is located in Adler, from where all visitors are taken free of charge to the Sochi Railway Station.

Sochi, 56 Kirova St.

2. If you are staying in the centre of Sochi, you need not go to Adler to listen to your favourite rock tune, while sipping a glass of cold beer. Sochi has its own “Treugolnik” – This is the T2 Club . It opens at noon and offers visitors a variety of low-cost business lunches and dinners, accompanied by rock concerts broadcast on big screens. When the sun sets on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, the club is transformed into a concert venue for young musicians and masters of rock music. The T2 is located not far from the sea.

Sochi, 14 Chernomorskaya St.

3. The art-cafe Wooden Joe is another rock haven. You can have a delicious and inexpensive meal in this small and cozy bar in the afternoon. And in the evening, you can be part of creative gatherings in jazz or rock 'n' roll style. Or participate in extravagant karaoke-type parties or anime festivals.

Sochi, 76/4 Gagarina St.

4. If you like the spirit of wandering mixed with the scent of gasoline and engine noise, then welcome to the Shayba Cafe-Bar . It is located in the heart of the city and is the unofficial, but traditional, place for meetings of Sochi bikers. Here, in the evenings, they love to sip beer and chat. People in leather and studs just look harsh. But in fact, they are soft hearted and kind. The style of the establishment is retro-USSR. 

Sochi, 16 Voikova St.

Theme bars

5. Another favourite establishment of Sochi residents and resort guests is the Rancho Crazy Horse Cafe . Of course, it has an entourage of western romances, with cowboys on dashing horses. The interior is designed in the style of the wild prairie, with an original menu and live concerts. There is also a veranda, where you can try an authentic “Oriental” hookah, while wrapped up in a blanket – even in winter.

Sochi, 75b Kurortny Prospect

6. The “London” Bar . At the turn of the 19th–20th centuries, there was a hotel on this street with the same name, which was very popular among the bohemian youth. Now, one of the most popular clubs in the city is located here. This is where you will find a designer interior, laconic furniture and the longest bar in the resort. The music format of the “London” includes many styles, from rock and jazz to modern electronic fads and drive. The kitchen, working round the clock, is particularly noteworthy.

Sochi, 6 Neserbskaya St.

7. There is a bar named after the legendary Swedish group – the Abba BAR – in the city centre. Everything is done in the retro style here. You can sit in the music room, select a favourite record and listen to it on an old record player, or dance in the disco hall. A unique feature of the Abba BAR is a special monthly menu, where changes are made to mark memorable dates of the stars – for example, the favourite dishes of the group and other interesting surprises.

Another advantage of this establishment is its own bakery, which will satisfy any sweet tooth. However, the main zest of the bar is phones installed on every table, with which you can connect to any other table in the hall, and make acquaintances, or call the waiter.

Sochi, 1 Egorova St.

8. Another interesting place is the Juan Ivanovich Bar . Wild events and “sloven” parties without cuts are held here every day. Depending on the day of the week, bands or MC’s perform here, or interactive parties are held. The “specialty” of the Juan Ivanovich is a unique cocktails “cooking show” performed by the bartender.

Sochi, 2 Egorova St.

9. In order to feel truly relaxed, we invite you to a country house – and not just any country house, but the Bosses' Dacha . Here, every visitor can feel like the owner of his or her own country house in Sochi, and, consequently, his own boss. Live music is played in the café every day, and after sunset, the disco begins. While some dance, others can enjoy the delights of the kitchen. The menu includes Italian, Japanese, German, and European cuisines. There are pavilions with barbecues on the terrace of the café – for those who love to roast meat for themselves. There is a large hall on two levels, a VIP-hall, a billiards room and karaoke room located here.

Sochi, 1 Platanovaya St.


10. Tired of listening to music and dancing? You can go to a sports brasserie, the Dobry Ale . It is designed in a mixed style of football and a brewery, there is a veranda, a lot of TV sets and, of course, a great selection of beer, which they brew themselves right on the premises.

Sochi, 16 Kurortny Prospect

11. Another bar for those who love beer on tap – is the Draft . In addition to its original beer, with a unique flavour, there is a large selection of fish and meat dishes on the menu. And only here, you can taste exclusive beer-based cocktails.

Sochi, 6 Kurortny Prospect

12. A real Harat's Pub has opened recently in Sochi. Ireland is present here in everything, successfully combining the culture of that country with the spirit of Russian traditions. The bar menu offers a variety of appetizers, salads, and hot dishes. The main principle of the establishment is simplicity and minimalism. Another advantage is the free Wi-Fi.

The Sochi River Embankment, from the side of Tchaikovsky St.

13. The Irish Pub . It is a great place to spend time with your friends over a pint of beer, while enjoying the comfort and atmosphere of the real Ireland. The Irish Pub works round the clock, offering guests 20 types of first-class imported beers, wine, spirits, countless kinds of appetizers, dozens of sausage varieties, dishes of game, fish, meat and, of course, authentic Irish cuisine. At weekends, the pub arranges entertainment programs with true Celtic music. In addition to the two halls, the establishment has a terrace with a beautiful sea view.

Sochi, 11-a Chernomorskaya St.

14. The Three Che Alkobar is drive, creativity and a little Russian madness! Did you know that there is a rule in Russia, that there must be at least three people to have a drink? One person means alcoholism. Two people means an intimate conversation. Three people means a cultural event. The Tri Che offers a mixed menu – you can order a snack from the best of Russian, Ukrainian and Caucasian cuisines, as well as traditional Italian, Japanese, and American dishes. However, the alcohol-card surpasses even with such a diverse menu. There are a wide variety of alcoholic beverages and their combinations in the form of original special cocktails, like the Green Angel, Orgasm, Pink Bunny... more than fifty mixes. The Alkobar works from noon until midnight every day.

Sochi, 42 Sovietskaya St.

Non-alcohol bars

15. The Double Coffee . This cozy establishment is designed for a memorable evening with your loved ones – the atmosphere of magic, captivating sounds of jazz and the heady aroma of coffee. The arsenal of the professional barista includes more than 75 recipes of this drink. The most delicate desserts are offered with the coffee. And if you are hungry, and would prefer something more substantial, then a varied menu is available to delight you.

Sochi, 11 Pervomayskaya St.

16. To find a variety of tastes and flavours of tea, you should visit The Buffet . Here you can select black, green, white, red, yellow tea... The tea is served with amazing pastries that are cooked right on the premises. Drinking tea with a bun is a great and ancient Russian tradition! Everything is home-style delicious, cozy and warm. The Buffet specializes in tea ceremonies. Professional teachers lead classes in Japanese and Chinese tea ceremonies. Here you can buy tea ware and souvenirs. There is a parking lot available, and free Wi-Fi.

Sochi, 33-a Gorkogo St.


17. If your soul demands songs, and it is sure to demand them sooner or later, go to a karaoke bar. One of them – the Balalaika – is located almost in the heart of the city. Any guest feels like a star in the Balalaika – there are more than 10,000 tracks by Russian and foreign performers in the record library. And your friends will while away the time on the dance floor, or smoking a hookah, or connecting to the free Wi-Fi.

Sochi, 24/2 Ordzhonikidze St., 3rd floor.

18. The Shum is another karaoke club. Until 7:00 p.m., the establishment works as a usual bar. And then the singing begins. This is a great place to have a cheerful and hearty rest. Here you can chat with your friends on couches, sing karaoke or dance at any time. People celebrating birthdays are offered discounts.

Sochi, 9 Navaginskaya St.

19. There is a karaoke club, the Voices , in the Adler District of the city. The repertoire of the establishment includes more than 20,000 songs in Russian and foreign languages. There is plenty to sing, and you will have something to recall when you are old. For example, you will be able to tell your grandchildren about your creative debut in the Olympic capital.

Sochi, 52 Demokraticheskaya St.

20. Finally, I want to say a few words about an establishment with a Russian spirit. This is the DereWnya (Village) Cafe . The folk traditions are felt everywhere here. The facade is designed as a log wall with a front garden and decorated with Russian ornaments. The cuisine is mixed, but the preference, of course, is given to Russian dishes, many of which are cooked on an open fire. Live music is played in the DereWnya every evening.

Sochi, 14 Chernomorskaya St.

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