Food in Sochi: top 12 budget restaurants and cafes

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Caucasian and Russian cuisine, of course, wins one’s heart, but traditionally it is accompanied by a leisurely chat at the big table. During the day in Sochi you have a snack in a hurry, and only in the evening, having spent the day as a tourist in the Olympic bustle, you slowly sink into the research of gourmet foods.

RBTH correspondents in Sochi name usual places for lovers of fast food.


The leading fast restaurant food "McDonald's" is operating in the centre of Sochi and Adler. Like everywhere in the world, the famous hamburgers, cheeseburgers, fries, nuggets, milkshakes and ice cream are offered here. Children’s " Happy Meals" are served with a toy inside. The national cuisine in Russia resembles the burger called "Beef a la Russe" with rye bread and pickled cucumbers, potatoes cooked in a country-style and chicken nuggets with sweet and sour cranberry sauce.

Sochi: Kurortniy Prospect, 17/1

Adler: ul. Bestuzheva, 1 /1, "Mandarin" shopping center


Lovers of delicious sandwiches with various fillings are offered at «Subway» fast food restaurants. The main advantage of these places is that you can choose between a baguette and flat bread, meat and ham, onions and hot sauce. On the menu there is always a daily special, which is available at a good price, and a large selection of drinks.

Sochi, ul. Neserbskaya, 2  or  Transportnaya, 28, the " Olymp" SEC


KFC fast food restaurants are ready to welcome lovers of chicken dishes. Here, everything is as usual: fried chicken wings, chicken legs in spicy coating, nuggets, as well as hits such as “zinger", “Bigger” and “Twister ." On the menu there are also French fries and chicken skewers with flavoured draught beer.

Sochi, ul. Transportnaya, 28 , the " Olymp " SEC, ul Novaya Zaria, 7 , the "More Mall" SEC

Mr. Burger

The American fast food chain, "Mr. Burger” is also operating in Sochi. This restaurant is popular among the locals and the tourists for its fast service, low-cost and high-quality food.

Sochi, ul. Moscow , 27 , 2nd Floor , "TSUM on Moskovskaya” Shopping Centre "

Burgershop Grill & Coffee

The new fast food restaurant "Burgershop Grill & Coffee", located in the "Luna Park" children's amusement park territory on Ordzhonikidze street confidently occupies its place. On the menu there are sandwiches, desserts and burgers with juicy meat cutlets and vegetables.

Sochi, ul. Ordzhonikidze ,6

Best pizzerias in Sochi

One can get a tasty snack in a pizzeria. Authentic Italian wood-fired pizza is cooked at the «La Strada» restaurant located in the centre of the Hosta village. ( Sochi, Hosta district, ul Adlerskaya, 1 ). The unique "Bianca" with a white sauce, mushrooms and chicken fillet will certainly please gourmet food lovers. Adriano Celentano’s songs, the flowers on the windowsills and washing lines stretched across the hall, will help you to carry yourself in your mind to Florence or Palermo – this is how so they see Italy in Sochi. If you want to eat pizza in a simple setting, you are welcome in the "Moremoll" shopping and entertainment centre. Here in the «American Hot Pizza» restaurant ( Sochi, ul. Novaya Zaria, 7 , the "MoreMall" SEC ), you can sit down in with a big and noisy crowd and order the specialty of the house the "American Hot", "Pepperoni" or "Margarita" . It also offers Mexican dishes "Quesadilla” and "Burrito" as well as French fries and drinks. Fans of tasty classic pizza will also be happy in cafe "DelMar" ( Sochi, ul. Navaginskaya 14 ), in "Adriano" ( Adler, Lenin Str. 1 , Sochi , ul. Sokolova , 2/1 ), and in "Pizza Mondo" ( Sochi, ul. Abrikosovaya, 12 ).


For the sake of trying a different taste and experimenting you can try the fast food "Sochi- style". Among the local population souvlaki , or sandwiches in Greek style are very popular. A pork or chicken skewer is wrapped in a small, freshly baked flat cake, a salad of carrots, tomatoes, and onions, is added, seasoned with herbs and sauce. You can try the souvlaki in special snack bars called "Suvlachnaya ." ( Sochi, ul.Vorovskogo, 37 , Adler, ul. Kuibysheva, 27 , Krasnaya Polyana, ul. Zaschitnikov Kavkaza, build. 78A )

Achma eaterias

Cheeseburger in Georgian or achma is another popular option for a quick snack. This is a multi-layered Georgian pie with the suluguni cheese. Usually, it is sold at the central market.

Sochi, ul Moskovskaya, 22


Hamburger in Uzbek, or samosa: this is a patty stuffed with lamb, potatoes and onions. A few years ago, the samosa was first offered to city residents in the "East" cafe ( Sochi, ul. Donskaya, 108 ). Sochi residents appreciated the novelty, but after a while, they got used to it, and even found a variation for it. Now in Sochi you can also try a samosa with chicken, which is called "Kurnik ."

Russian hot dogs

Russian style hot dog. The Russian version of the hot dog is a sausage wrapped in sweetened short-crust pastry can be found in almost every shop, cafes, snack bars on the seafront, parks, and just on the streets of the resort.

Cheburechnaya cafes

Visiting Sochi and not trying the famous pasties would be a big mistake! The "Cheburechnaya" Cafe reminds of a dining room of the Soviet period - simple interior, self-service. They are still cooked right in front of you in a matter of minutes. In all of this there is very democratic - $ 1 - $ 1.5. There are no large crowds of people here - only local residents and those vacationers who once wandered here by accident come here for lunch.

Sochi, Kurortniy Prospect , 92, turn at the Bytkha suburb

Potato bistro

Well, another one of the favourite dishes of Russians, potatoes, can be eaten in the "Kroshka - kartoshka" bistro. A large potato is baked whole in the oven, then cut in half, the core is taken out and filled various fillings: meat, chicken, mushrooms, salads etc.

Sochi, ul. Novaya Zaria, 7 " Sea Mall" SEC

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