Top 5 sites for cheap accommodation in Sochi
Renting an apartment in Sochi is as easy as pie, but not during the Olympic Games, when the prices are 8 or 10 times higher than usual. Nevertheless, you can find information regarding hotel accommodation on the official website of the Sochi Olympics Hotel booking bureau. When you reach their call-center, you can book a hotel room right away.

However, if you don’t speak Russian or just don’t want to spend money on a phone call all the way to Russia, you can just use one of the popular online-services. RBTH has picked 5 main websites, which will help you find proper accommodation in Sochi for low prices even during the Winter Olympic Games.


This is probably the best online- resource for those who want to find a place to stay in Sochi and in the Sochi area as quick as possible and who don’t want to overpay by even a cent. At this moment you can find more than 450 notices of accommodation, which are ready to be leased; flats, cottages, rooms, beds (which are really cheap - $15 a night) or luxe accommodation ($500 a night). Besides these traditional options, travellers can also chose to stay in an eco- friendly tent clad with amenities. This tent can be installed wherever you want - next to the Caucasian mountains or the Black Sea shore. This tent also has a built- in heating system - it is impossible to get cold in it even during the coldest Sochi nights.


An internationally known website which gives you the possibility of staying for free in the locals’ flats. You not only have a roof over your head, but an opportunity to tour Sochi with a great crowd of people and to check out the most interesting places in the city. If this kind of travelling is your cup of tea, then you can go ahead and look for couch surfers in Sochi - there are a lot of them there and they can’t wait to mingle with foreigners. Just keep in mind that someday they will also visit you - so will you be as good as a host as them? And they will come - no doubt about that.


This website was launched in 2009 and since then has received praise from all over the world. On this website you can find an already rather short, but nevertheless excellent list of still unoccupied accommodation units in Sochi. The price is a minimum of $30 for a four-person bedroom during the Olympic Games.

In soyuz 

This is a truly interesting travel-search website which covers all the CIS states. It will help find a room or apartment not only in Russian cities, but will offer information on Ukraine and Belarus. A good idea would be to remember that the Ukrainian border is not that far from the capital of the 2014 Olympic Games. So if you are planning on visiting the countries of the former USSR before attending the Olympic Games, then surfing this website is definitely worth your time.  

Trekking homes 

Relatively inexpensive and undoubtedly more Olympic-like accommodation variants can be discovered on this website. Starting with the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004, tourists and visitors have been helped with finding the perfect apartment, cottage or house for a reasonable price. They can also order a personal driver, a tourist guide both for individual tourists and for formed groups during the Olympic Games. You can reach them through the official website, where you can also learn a lot of fun facts about Mr. Putin’s favourite city (Putin’s opinion may differ from that of Trekking Homes).

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