25 magnificent Russian sunsets (PHOTOS)

How the different corners of our vast country bid farewell to the passing day and get “painted” in the fiery colors of the setting sun.

One of the first places to say goodbye to another day is Sakhalin Island.

Vladivostok’s very red sun.

Surfing at sunset in Vladivostok.

Moscow bathing in the sunset.

Moscow’s landscape outlined by a sunset. 

The sun sets behind the Kremlin walls.

A less flattering, but equally majestic, Moscow sunset.

The ‘Bronze Horseman’ monument to Peter the Great welcomes the sunset in St. Petersburg during the White Nights season in June.

Hanging out on the beach at sunset in Sochi.

An oil pumpjack in operation at sunset in Tatarstan.

A winter sunset at the Nilov Monastery on Lake Seliger.

Fall colors become even more bright at sunset in Murmansk.

A postcard sunset view from Moscow.

Lake Baikal saying goodbye to the passing day.

A very early winter sunset in Karelia.

Silhouettes of wheat ears seen in front of the setting sun in Siberia.

A steppe sunset in Crimea. 

Slavic ‘Ivan Kupala Day’ celebrations in the Republic of Bashkiria.

An epic sunset at the Kemerovo power station.

A mystic sunset over Andreev Lake in Tyumen Region.

An epic sunset behind the 'Motherland Calling' monument in Volgograd.

The sun going down on a short and frozen winter day in the Republic of Yakutia.

The White Sea in the light of sunset.

A sunset sky and sea.

Crimean sunset vibes.

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