Russian Winter

December 3, 2014 RBTH
Russian winter

More than 50 breathtaking photos
of Russian winter
landscapes from the best
Russian photographers

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"Beautiful and worthwhile, especially for learners. This photo album combines gorgeous pictures and interesting information to give an enjoyable outsider's view of Russian winter."

Daniel Dormer

about russian winter

Mikhail Mordasov

Mikhail Mordasov,


"In winter, even in large port cities everything becomes clear and transparent: the light is transformed. Most important, sub-zero temperatures put an end to all the hustle and bustle."

Fyodor Telkov

Fyodor Telkov,


"My passion for the Far North began when I read a report about the life of Khanty reindeer herders in the Siberian taiga. These cold, mysterious forests are home to some wonderful people."

Sergei Makurin

Sergei Makurin,

Sverdlovsk Oblast

"Looking at photographs of Ural outliers, I find it incredible that simple wind, snow, and frost can create such miracles."

"Really amazing. The pictures are so vibrant and breath-taking. It's somewhere between a National Geographic photo gallery and a coffee table book for your iPad."



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