Aspiring to create a miracle: How a Siberian painter combines photo and painting

Marina Fandeeva transforms photos in her own unique way

Marina Fandeeva transforms photos in her own unique way

Marina Fandeeva
Marina Fandeeva, a painter from the Siberian city of Novosibirsk, connects photo and painting, creating images that are striking for their unusualness and playful nature. Her Instagram account boasts more than 3,000 photographs showcasing her artistic approach.

People send photos to the painter under a special hashtag, and she transforms them in her own unique way. She also creates stories for her paintings. Recently Fandeeva published a book titled TheNew Tales of Kamchatka, in which she not only (un)traditionally combined photography and painting, but also wrote the fairy-tales themselves.

“Everybody talks about magic in illustrations, but it’s an illusion. I want to create a miracle that’s only possible for a painter, without leaving the limits of physics and optics – to put all colors together and get pure light,” the painter recently shared one of her desires.

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