Russian artist sticks Picasso’s ‘Absinthe Drinker’ into other paintings – and it's hilarious

Russian artist Andrei Sikorsky has sent the protagonist of Pablo Picasso's famous “The Absinthe Drinker” (1901) on an art trip by superimposing the pensive woman onto famous paintings by both Russian and foreign artists. He's added some side-splitting captions as well.

1. How did you get drunk so quickly, guys?

Picasso plus Vasnetsov

Original painting - “The Sleeping Princess”

2. Jesus! How much longer do I have to wait?!

Picasso plus Liotard

Original painting - “The Chocolate Girl”

3. Rooks, bugger off!

Picasso plus Savrasov

Original painting - “The Rooks Have Come Back”

4. Absinthe drinker on her way to a monastery

Picasso plus Surikov

Original painting “Boyarina Morozova”

5. The Birth of the absinthe drinker

Picasso plus Botticelli

Original painting - “The Birth of Venus”

6. Look, girls! What the hell is that?

Picasso plus Malevich

Original painting - “Three Women”

7. Find the proverb about absinth

Picasso plus Bruegel

Original painting - Netherlandish Proverbs”

8. Fear and Indifference in Las Vegas

Picasso plus Munch

Original painting - “The Scream”

9. To the three of us

Picasso plus Michelangelo

Original painting - “The Creation of Adam”

10. Single woman on the lookout

Picasso plus Matisse

Original painting - “Dance”

11. All men are jerks!

Picasso plus Valentin [Serov]

Original painting - “Portrait of Ida Rubinstein”

12. Yes, I’m fine, I’ll sit here

Pablo plus Karl [Bryullov]

Original painting - “The Last Day of Pompeii”

13. Dried apricot

Pablo plus Valentin [Serov]

Original painting - “Girl with Peaches”  

14. For some reason I don't feel so good

Pablo plus Ivan [Aivazovsky]

Original paintings - The Ninth Wave

15. This is my woman!

Picasso plus Wood

Original painting - “American Gothic”

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