Moscow’s Red Square showing Russian contemporary art for 1st time

Pavel Pepperstein. A Suprematist Family, 2019

Pavel Pepperstein. A Suprematist Family, 2019

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GUM department store welcomes the likes of Andrey Bartenev and Pavel Pepperstein for landmark exhibition.

For the first time, Moscow's most famous department store – GUM on Red Square – is showing works by Russia's most prominent and best-selling contemporary artists.

15 mini pavilions are each exhibiting big names including Pavel Pepperstein, Andrey Bartenev, Irina Korina, Oleg Kulik, Aidan Salakhova, the AES+F group, and more.

Part of the artworks have been created exclusively for the “GUM-Red-Line” project and are up for sale.

The exhibition runs until the end of May on the ground floor of the capital’s main mall. The organizers expect about 3.2 million people to visitors – to put this into perspective, the Pushkin Museum of Fine Art and Moscow’s Kremlin Museums welcome around 900,000 and 2.9 million people a year respectively.

GUM’s permanent Red Line gallery is also now open on the mall’s third floor. Group and solo exhibitions by the same contemporary artists are in the pipeline.

“When we started working on this space, I realized that in the late 19th century there was a gallery belonging to the art collector and merchant Henry Brocard in exactly the same place. It’s amazing,” Project Director Igor Kazakov told Russia Beyond.

The First Line of GUM
Semyon Faibisovich. The mannequin at sunset (L), Excusion (R), from Metamorphoses Project, 2019
Semyon Faibisovich. Kira, 2017
Irina Korina. Isotope Station, 2019
Vladimir Dobussarsky. In Our Homes, Eternal Values Blossom, 2015
Konstantin Zvezdochetov. Greetings from Moscow, 2019
Andrey Bartenev. Flagmen - The Landing of the Family Happiness Ship, 2019, sculpture (L) Let's Smile! 2015, digital collage (R)
Georgy Totibadze. From The Forest series, 2017
Aidan Salakhova. Ornament #11, 2016 (L). The Beginning, 2018, (R)
Oleg Kulik. Family structure, 2015
Sergey Bratkov. The First Temptation of Mankind, 2019
Bella Levikova. 'Quantum teleportation' series, 2018
Gosha Ostretsov. Keeper of the cosmotones, 2016-2019
GUM-Red-Line gallery

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