12 aesthetic and perfectly melancholic views of Vladivostok (PHOTOS)

Leonid Zvegintsev/@streetphotos.vl
Far East photographer Leonid Zvegintsev captures fragments of street life set against the backdrop of his native landscapes.

Holes in concrete, a crooked fence, imposing bridge pillars... All these details of the city’s ‘architectonics’ inspire one of the most famous Vladivostok street photographers, Leonid Zvegintsev. He photographs everything from stray dogs to everyday people, their dreams and the often decrepit landscape that sets the dramatic backdrop for these fragments of daily urban routine.  

“In my works I aim to link abstract forms with each other in two dimensions,” Leonid says, admitting that he hasn't achieved the perfection he is looking for yet. He accompanies each photo with a philosophical caption.

1. So, Vladivostok. A quarter of my life was devoted to this place. It's complicated to describe this feeling

2. This is natural. Surrounding yourself with others warps your perception of life. Surround yourself with yourself.

3. I can always teach an old dog new tricks. We are both winners in a certain way.

4. My mood is changing as the flow of the sea. Crushed by skyscrapers, we are hostages in a traffic jam for another hour, and at the same time thankful for another gust of the harsh salty wind.

5. Loneliness. What a trendy word. I prefer loneliness just because it's more honest.

6. It's hard to say how different things are here from the rest of the world. I’m not sure if these are horses. Nor are they kids. I saw it all on TV.

7. The future may be too bright for us to handle. Who knows?

8. To be honest, I don’t feel like I owe.

9. February

10. June

11. June

12. Lugovaya st., September

One can see photos of Leonid Zvegintsev on the exhibition ‘Far Focus. Photographers of Vladivostok’ in Zarya center for contemporary art until May 17, 2020.

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