Get reddened by frost

Sakha, Yakutia (Republic)

Hunt for street art

Sverdlovsk Region

Temper steel

Chelyabinsk Region

Visit the ballet

Perm (Krai)

Taste frozen fish

Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Region

Comb a goat

Orenburg Region

Hold a gold bar

Krasnoyarsk Krai

Go on a ski tour

Kamchatka (Krai)

Hit an anvil with a hammer

Tatarstan (Republic)

Catch a visit to the Khanty

Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region

Jeep into the mountains

Chechnya (Republic)

Pet a whale

Khabarovsk (Krai)

Land on Man-Pupu-Nyor

Komi (Republic)

Immerse yourself in science

Novosibirsk Region

Cast the bell

Yaroslavl Region

Hug Baikal

Irkutsk Region

Cross the Volga under sail

Chuvashia (Republic)

Drive deer

Nenets Autonomous Region

Find the shaman

Buryatia (Republic)

Pull out a pike

Astrakhan Region

Weave lace on bobbins

Vologda Region

Travel back in time

Omsk Region

Be boiled in springs

Tyumen Region

Walk on Elton Lake

Volgograd Region

Try the wild honey

Bashkortostan (Republic)

Pick the best apples

Tambov Region

Drink ‘living’ water

Stavropol Krai

Unlock the message on the carpet

Ingushetia (Republic)

Paint a Dymkovo toy

Kirov Region

Visit the Moksha

Mordovia (Republic)

Make some cheese

Kostroma Region

Attain power

Dagestan (Republic)

Go sailing on a boat

Mari El (Republic)

Stay in the picture

Ivanovo Region

Take a trip on a retro train

Karelia (Republic)

Ride the Silk Road

Kalmykia (Republic)

Touch the sleeping giant

Krasnodar Krai

Find the ancient necropolis

North Ossetia - Alania (Republic)

Head to the horizon

Adygea (Republic)

Fly to another planet

Karachay-Cherkessia (Republic)

Cross the desert

Zabaykalsky (Krai)

Go on a date with art

Kaluga Region

Turn sand into glass

Vladimir Region

Visit the dragon's den

Lipetsk Region

Produce old Russian salt

Novgorod Region

Be boiled in a cauldron

Kaliningrad Region

Gorge on seafood

Primorsky (Krai)

See the Northern Lights

Murmansk Region

Popular adventures
cover yourself in salt
As soon as the water temperature in Bear Lake rises to an (almost) reasonable 12-14 degrees, the first brave bathers appear on its shores.
Раскраснеться от мороза
If the moderate continental winter with its light frosts does not surprise you anymore, then the time has come to visit the champion of temperature records - Yakutia!
Вдохновиться музыкой степей и гор
If you visit Tuva in time for the summer festival of cattle breeders Naadym (its date is determined by the lunar calendar and changes every year), in addition to witnessing spectacular horse races, you will definitely hear the famous throat singing and enjoy the unusual, but delightful sound of the Tuvan instruments.
Поохотиться на стрит-арт
Look around! See the horse in shades of fire blazing excitedly at the end of the house? And nearby, a sly fox trying to steal berries and run away? Well, we’re in Ekaterinburg and it’s time to go hunting for street art!


About the project

«Russia: 85 Adventures» is a collection of the best adventures you can experience in all of the regions of our country.

We at Russia Beyond decided to put interesting activities from every Russian region, without exception, on one map.

We want to inspire you to learn more about the diversity of Russia’s regions - and eventually go there for the adventure!


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