Master the art of bogatyr combat

Oryol Region

Russia Beyond
Russia Beyond
Where do they train to be bogatyrs? Well, for one, at the Znamenskaya Bogatyrskaya outpost. And they have a comprehensive approach, too.

A bogatyr (a Russian knight) must know how to fight: to defend themselves and their land from the enemy using fair force. A real bogatyr is also famous for his feats in peacetime: an honest and kind life, a prosperous household, taking care of his family and loved ones and honoring traditions.

How to master the art of bogatyr combat?

🚌 Go to Oryol by any convenient means of transport, then move to the nearby Znamenka, where the outpost is situated;

💪🏼 The staff at the Znamenskaya Bogatyr outpost will gladly plunge you into the life of a Russian bogatyr for a whole day, just make sure to book all activities in advance;

🥙 Be sure to try traditional Russian cuisine in the cafe on the territory and don’t hesitate to ask for more!

🎯 Then, try your hand at knife throwing or archery, while there are safe foam sword battles for your children.

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