Cross the Volga under sail

Chuvashia (Republic)

Russia Beyond
Russia Beyond
Boats, motorboats and motorized boats - it’s too easy. How about crossing the mighty Volga River on a real sailing yacht?

Just imagine: a sunny summer day, the wind blows the sails and gently tilts the boat, while the Volga waters gently beat against the side.

The beauties of Chuvash nature, the seemingly endless and dear to the Russian heart river and a pleasant company - this adventure is sure to please you!

How to cross the Volga under sail?

Many people think that it’s hard to sail the Volga. But, we assure you that you don’t need much to make such a trip: good weather, a comfortable yacht and an experienced skipper.

The captain and/or the owner of the boat will tell you the best day to have the adventure and the experience of sailing with full sails will be exciting and unforgettable. Don’t forget a windbreaker with secure waterproof pockets for all your gadgets.

We recommend contacting experienced captains and thank @captn_cheb and @nidmitry for an enjoyable and safe sailing experience!

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