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Mari El (Republic)

Russia Beyond
Russia Beyond
Get to Yoshkar-Ola and hop on a boat: Bruges awaits you!

Can you imagine that, in the very heart of the Mari El Republic, you’ll find a genuine portal to the square of a European city? We couldn’t either, until we saw for ourselves: neat Flemish-style houses with arched windows and geometrically straight streets along the embankment, a town clock, a monument to Grace Kelly, the chimes on the miniature Spasskaya tower and a huge bridge stretching over the improvised “Belgian” canal - the Malaya Koshaga River. 

So, with gelato in hand - jump into a ‘swan’ boat to ride with your partner, admiring European chic in the middle of Russia!

How to go sailing on a swan boat?

🚗 Get to the capital of the Republic of Mari El - Yoshkar-Ola - and in its very center you’ll find the above-mentioned Bruges Embankment. 

🦢 Go down to the boat pier by the river and rent a large boat with a luxurious swan;

⏰ The rental is open from morning until late in the evening, but we recommend going for a trip at sunset - it’ll be an unforgettable experience! 

What else is there to do in Yoshkar-Ola?

Take the time to enjoy Yoshkar-Ola to the fullest.

Take a memorable photo against the backdrop of a cozy embankment in the sunset, say hello to Prince Rainier III of Monaco and the beautiful Grace Kelly, take a walk to the Patriyarshaya Square and look around… such beauty!

Find the masters - Gogol and Rembrandt - along the Amsterdam Embankment and, of course, don’t forget to pet the city’s main landmark - Yoshkin Cat!

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