Touch the sleeping giant

Krasnodar Krai

Russia Beyond
Russia Beyond
How about finding a cargo ship as big as a five-story house on the coast, asleep on the rocks, awaiting its fate? Maybe your touch will wake it up?

A resort town on the Black Sea coast out of season is a little dreary: its numerous shops are closed or dismantled, its promenades and embankments are empty and the beach regulars of that season – the fishermen – watch rare locals on the shore and in the sea, finishing up the morning jog with a swim.

But the stranded cargo ship ‘Rio’ is often quite crowded, especially on warm days of the year - a striking contrast after Kabardinka getting ready for bed!

From all sides, people surround the ship in an effort to make the best shot with a man and a huge truck: they run into the water, climb the nearest hills and rocks, swim up on SUP-boards and yachts to the sleeping giant.

How to touch the sleeping giant?

🔹 The easiest way to reach ‘Rio’ is by foot from Kabardinka, which lies basically at the same distance from both Novorossiysk and Gelendzhik;

🔹 We made our way through a beach with, currently, unrestricted entry. Although, sometimes, it is advised to use the services of local beach buggy drivers;

🔹 Be extremely careful: for about an hour, you’ll have to walk on pebbles and unsteady boulders - take care of yourself and your legs;

🔹 Access to the ship during the season is open, but no schedule could be found - check on the spot;

🔹 Be sure to stay and watch the sunset: the bright sun disappearing into the sea horizon will be repeatedly crossed by relatives of ‘Rio’ and you will make amazing shots;

🔹 And while you wait for the sunset – climb the steep hill near the ship; it has a breathtaking view of the cargo ship through the pine trees!

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