cover yourself in salt
As soon as the water temperature in Bear Lake rises to an (almost) reasonable 12-14 degrees, the first brave bathers appear on its shores.
Влюбиться в метро
Head to Samara - for architectural delights and a cozy subway!
Переплыть Волгу под парусами
Boats, motorboats and motorized boats - it’s too easy. How about crossing the mighty Volga River on a real sailing yacht?
Отправиться в плавание на ладье в Йошкар-Оле
Get to Yoshkar-Ola and hop on a boat: Bruges awaits you!
How about finding a cargo ship as big as a five-story house on the coast, asleep on the rocks, awaiting its fate? Maybe your touch will wake it up?
Слетать на другую планету
Preflight preparations are complete, the gear is secured, the equipment is in place, all crew members feel great and the system is ready for launch. Countdown, launch, breakaway, departure beyond the near-Earth atmosphere - the expedition to the planet Dombai has begun!
Fluffy dandelions and green clovers, long pines and colorful birches, long fields and dense groves - this is all in Nikola-Lenivets!
Встретить закат на крыше
In pursuit of the setting sun! The city of bars, rains, canals, poets, emperors, revolutionaries and dreamers beckons people from all over the country to feel its atmosphere for at least a couple of days.