Go on a date with art

Kaluga Region

Russia Beyond
Russia Beyond
Fluffy dandelions and green clovers, long pines and colorful birches, long fields and dense groves - this is all in Nikola-Lenivets!

As soon as you pass the famous signpost, the rendezvous with art has already begun: at the edge of the field an important Bobur is keeping a close eye on the surroundings, at the edge of a field, the ‘Gilded Calf’ rushes from its place and sends signal to the ‘Universal Mind’. Above the Nikolino River, the ear can hear the noisy visitors of the lighthouse and the lonely Rotunda at the other end of the park opens its doors welcomingly. Let’s go, along the fast path to storm the sky and into the forest - to Mobius’ path!

How to go on a date with art??

🚗 Nikola-Lenivets Art Park is located 60 kilometers away from Kaluga and the most convenient way to get there is by car or taxi;

🚌 And you can also get to the park by bus (with a transfer to a taxi in Kondrovo), carsharing and even by helicopter!

👀 Be sure to take comfortable shoes for rough terrain and check the weather so it doesn’t take you by surprise;

🕰 Remember that the park is quite large: it is impossible to walk through it in a day and consciously enjoy all of it. It is better to choose some part of the park for a one-day visit or allow yourself to spend a couple of days in the ‘Lenivets’.

An interesting object

Practically at the beginning of the art park, away from the main road, rises a giant, weaved ‘Bobur’, a counterpart of the French ‘Beaubourg’ in Paris and one of the main symbols of Nikola-Lenivets.

From a distance, a wicker fruit and host basket of unimaginable size; up close, it’s either a bizarre herd of trunks or a rustic spaceship from an archaic universe, forgotten by aliens in housecoats.

At first you think - how organically the tubular giant is standing there, but, a little later, as you get closer and scratch the silent creature’s nose, you politely ask: “How did you end up here, buddy?” 

The hospitable alien allows everyone to the very top of its head; from its height you can see the whole Nikola-Lenivets, and, from above, it seems that Bobur is about to blow his trumpet and take a leisurely stroll through his possessions - so hold on to his braided hair!

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