Fall in love with the subway

Samara Region

Russia Beyond
Russia Beyond
Head to Samara - for architectural delights and a cozy subway!

The only branch of the Samara Metro will impress even the most sophisticated Russian tourist with its lobbies. And a special pleasure is to be a guest here, not to rush anywhere and finally just ride without a specific goal!

You will find pompous palace columns, huge snow-white vaults with bright chandeliers and cosmic landscapes with portals. There are only ten subway stations in Samara, but each is beautiful and interesting in its own way - it’s hard not to fall in love!

How to fall in love with the subway?

❤️ You can fall in love with the Samara Metro in just… 23 minutes! This is exactly how long the train travels from ‘Alabinskaya’ in the city center to the terminal station ‘Yungorodok’.

🕰 Subway lobbies are open for entry and exit from 6:00 am to 12:00 am every day.

💰 A token that you can keep as a souvenir costs only 35 rubles and you can pay for the entrance either with the token itself or with a bank card.

😱 During some periods of the day, the interval of trains is as much as 15 minutes, be prepared to meander around a bit on the platform: you will have enough time to study all the station’s details, as well as people-watch other passengers!

😉 Traveling from ‘Alabinskaya’ in the center to ‘Yungorodok’ will definitely not leave you indifferent and the treasured dark token will remind you of your Samara adventure upon your return… and, who knows, maybe you will be lucky enough to find your soulmate in the subway!


The editors of the project thank the Samara Metro for their support in organizing and conducting filming.

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