Meet the sunset on the roof

St. Petersburg

Russia Beyond
Russia Beyond
In pursuit of the setting sun! The city of bars, rains, canals, poets, emperors, revolutionaries and dreamers beckons people from all over the country to feel its atmosphere for at least a couple of days.

A separate pleasure is to watch the bright Neva River and seaside sunsets, when the overcast sky of the northern capital is cleared of gray clouds and even when the rays of the outgoing warm light break through the colorless, fluffy mass.

It’s time to climb higher and spend the day in pleasant company or splendid isolation; the main thing is not to forget about hot tea, expose some strands of hair to the orange reflections of the solar disk and watch its slow escape.

How to meet the sunset on a rooftop in St. Petersburg?

🚅 You can reach to the northern capital by train, bus, car or fly by plane;

👀 You can and should get to the rooftop via a trusted organization that will ensure your safety; also, book the day and time of the visit in advance;

🌅 Enjoy the beautiful St. Petersburg sunset and remember: sunset in spring and early summer at this latitude comes much later or almost never! 😮

And, if you are unlucky with the weather - do not despair. Tomorrow will definitely be better!

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