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Russia Beyond
Russia Beyond
Preflight preparations are complete, the gear is secured, the equipment is in place, all crew members feel great and the system is ready for launch. Countdown, launch, breakaway, departure beyond the near-Earth atmosphere - the expedition to the planet Dombai has begun!

It’s time to turn on the autopilot and inspect your starship! At the heart of the ship is the control center, where decisions about spacewalks are made at a round table and the pressing issues of the expedition are discussed.

Around the headquarters are four cabins for a comfortable stay of all members of the mission. Up to eight crew members can be accommodated on board: for example, a navigator proficient in celestial navigation and galactic maps, a handy flight engineer responsible for all communications and expedition devices, a staff doctor, a space cook, an outstanding biologist scientist, a tandem of desperate scouts and a brave captain ready to lead his crew.

The darkness in the porthole windows is dispersed by the Dombai sun, a strong wind of unexplored atmosphere whistles around the ship - the flight is over. It’s time to go exploring the alien mountain landscapes, bizarre green plants and outlandish climates. 

Lower the ramp! It’s time to take your first step on the new earth!

How to fly to another planet?

✈️To get to the interplanetary ship ‘Tarelka’, you will have to use Earth’s atmospheric transport and get to the resort village of Dombai: you can do it by car, as well as by taxi and bus from Kislovodsk, Nevinnomyssk and Mineralnye Vody; these cities can also be reached by bus, plane or train;

🚌 Ascent to the mountains is possible from Dombai during operating hours of the cable car, approximately from 09:00 to 16:00; be sure to find out the time of the lift so as not to be late;

🛸 At the end of the small village, a spaceship will be waiting for you, ready to launch;

👀 The “Saucer” has been helping space tourists explore the planet Dombai for more than 40 years, so treat it with proper honor and respect!

👽 They say the aliens left a strange fancy costume in the ship’s hold… It’s worth finding out why!

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