Get inspired by the music of the steppes and mountains

Tyva (Republic)

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If you visit Tuva in time for the summer festival of cattle breeders Naadym (its date is determined by the lunar calendar and changes every year), in addition to witnessing spectacular horse races, you will definitely hear the famous throat singing and enjoy the unusual, but delightful sound of the Tuvan instruments.

🎶 Rhythm is born with the first beat of the drum. The tinkling melody flies out from under the dexterous fingers of the musicians and goes far, far away beyond the high mountains and the majestic Yenisei.

🏔The song begins… What is it about? About the beautiful green valleys where the herds roam freely… The endless steppe, where herds of sheep and goats stroll… The swift flight of a hawk soaring to an unreachable height… About the brave Tuvinian warriors who tirelessly hone their skills in duels...

Although all this is sung in the Tuvan language, no translation is needed: this music is listened to with the heart, not the mind ❤️

How to get inspired by the music of the steppes and mountains?

In addition to the Naadym holiday, you can also try to visit the ‘Hoomey in the Center of Asia’ festival. It takes place in the republic’s capital, Kyzyl, where several hundred throat singers from around the world come to find out who has the best command of their ligaments and breathing.

Tuvans themselves believe that throat singing is able to convey the multifaceted sounds of nature and their power. They are proud of their rich musical tradition, based in part on the legacy of the Huns, Scythians, Sarmatians, Uighurs and Turks, the nomads who once inhabited these lands.

Meditative or edgy, majestic or joyous… Tuvan music is very diverse, as are the landscapes of the region.

Can’t wait to hear it? After all, music is an art that knows no boundaries… Just open your favorite music service, search for the ‘Tyva Ensemble’ and add it to your favorites. Done! Now you have the perfect playlist for a road trip through South Siberia!


The Russia Beyond team would like to thank the ‘Tyva’ folk ensemble for the amazing open-air concert 👏

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