Shaman in Tyva

Tyva (Republic)

Tyva (Republic)

The steppe republic of Tyva (aka Tuva) is located in the south of Siberia, while, according to the climate and living conditions, many of its regions belong to the concept of the Far North.

In 1912, after the Xinhai Revolution in China, the Tuvan princes – “noyons” - applied for Russian protectorate. In 1914, the city of Belotsarsk was founded in honor of the Russian “white tsar”. Today it is the capital of the region - Kyzyl. The city received its new name in Soviet times, and it is translated from Tuvinian as “red”.

Tyva is a mysterious Buddhist land with its own unique character. It is also a favorite place for shamans where they hold their congresses. It is believed that the spirits of their ancestors can hear them more clearly here.

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If you visit Tuva in time for the summer festival of cattle breeders Naadym (its date is determined by the lunar calendar and changes every year), in addition to witnessing spectacular horse races, you will definitely hear the famous throat singing and enjoy the unusual, but delightful sound of the Tuvan instruments.