Get lost in an enchanted forest

Ryazan Region

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Russia Beyond
There is a real fairy tale forest near Ryazan! Here, at the Trubin family homestead in Deulino, not only people live, but also magical creatures: wild animals, fantastic creatures, angels, devils, firebirds and witches and, of course, dragons.

All this wonderful world is the handiwork of famous Ryazan artists Yuri and Andrei Trubin, who turned their country house into a real portal to a magical world and bewitched the paths in the protected Meschersky forest.

Yuri Alexandrovich creates compositions mainly from wood, while his son - from metal and concrete. Their works decorate restaurants, hotels and shops in Ryazan, but the most impressive collection of masterpieces is located on the territory of their house in the village of Deulino.

Yuri and Andrey create both fantasy towers and folklore characters, such as Zmey Gorynych, as well as numerous pavilions, houses and even a real ship hanging between the pines - though small.

People call Trubiny’s manor “the Museum of Baba Yaga” - evidently, because of the abundance of fairy tale witches, though the owners never called their country estate by that name. Why limit your imagination to one character?

How to get to the enchanted forest

The Trubin family estate is located in the village of Deulino in Ryazan Region. It is convenient to get there by car and takes about an hour to get there from Ryazan.

Large groups of tourists often come to the fairy forest, so if you want to get on a Yuri Alexandrovich excursion, let him know in advance, best of all by phone.

The doors of the estate are open from 10 am to 5 pm; you should take this into account when planning your trip.

The ticket price for adults is 200 rubles, for schoolchildren - 150; children under 7 years old may go for free. Visitors can also rent a gazebo with a barbecue, it will cost 300 rubles.

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