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Do you think a fluffy scarf would only be found in your grandma’s wardrobe? We strongly disagree! Try one on with your modern clothes - you’ll see how laconically it’ll fit with any classical dress or even a pair of jeans.

🧣 It’s worth seeing and touching the ultrasoft Orenburg shawl at least once, as you will definitely want to own one! Soft, light, but very warm and not at all scratchy, this shawl is what you need for winter or even for cool summer evenings.

💃 If it seems to you that Orenburg shawls are only nondescript gray or white, then you are wrong! Want a lush, green shawl? Please! Love bright crimson? It’s also available. Do you need a pale blue color palette? No problem! In a word, there are plenty to choose from.

❗️ The two most important ingredients for success in down shawls are the material and the experience of the craftswoman.

❄️ And Orenburg goat mohair is considered especially valuable: as the winter recedes, the goats lose their “frost” protection. This is the most active time for the procurement of material for the entire coming year.

🐐 Special breeds are selected, depending on the characteristics and quality of the mohair. It’s important that it can withstand strong winds and that it warms as it should.

🧚🏻‍♀️ And as soon as the raw materials fall into the hands of the craftswoman, the real magic begins. The spindle only has time to fly from edge to edge, while the thread is twisting… it’s extremely difficult to keep track of the hands!

📺 Experienced workers know their job so well that they can even weave blindly while watching TV or chatting!

How to wrap yourself in a down shawl?

🐐 Find goat farms with the same fluff or visit the Orenburg shawl museums (there are already several of them!). Our guides to the world of down products were the ‘Orenburgskiye Pukhovnitsy’ @oren_puhovnica, to whom we are especially grateful!

🏠 And you can choose a warm accessory that will complete any, even the most complex look, in one of the available stores. By the way, you don’t have to go to Orenburg for this (although we highly recommend it). The famous openwork shawls, scarves and stoles can be ordered online. 

⏳ Remember that each shawl is the result of painstaking and long work of a craftswoman, so the prices of some products can cause genuine surprise… However, such a thing will delight you with its quality for many years, unlike cheaper analogues made of acrylic and other synthetic fibers.

👸🏼 We assure you that everyone can find an Orenburg accessory to their taste and wallet: you just have to start trying them out!


The project team thanks @oren_puhovnica and @teatrfayzi for their help in organizing the filming and @alsumiss1, @_m.a.r.i_al, and Sofia Kasyanyuk for their participation!

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