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Vologda Region

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The sound of wooden bobbins, the interweaving of dozens of threads and the barely perceptible dance of hands - it’s impossible to take your eyes off!

Lace from Vologda isn’t just about beautiful handicrafts and age-old traditions, but about the hypnotizing process itself - the symphony of movement, producing complex patterns. Behind every binding, every loop, there are years of study and hard work. 

Sometimes it may seem that the pattern is going too slowly, but if you step back, you will see a stalk or leaf already appearing on the workpiece and, after another half an hour, a snowflake. Vologda lace ornaments are inspired by nature. Take a closer look at them and you will see extraordinary plants, bizarre living creatures and, of course, snowflakes.

Behind every product is a painstaking design process. The craftswoman, in the manner of a design engineer, must accurately develop a drawing, which then turns into an interlacing of dozens of threads.

Framed with a special brade - a bobbin, the snowflakes tightly fasten to the drawing, like the permanent frosting you see on windows in February.

How to weave Vologda lace on bobbins?

Master classes in weaving real Vologda lace are held by a museum dedicated to this craft. It is located in the very heart of the city, in the Vologda Kremlin.

Here, you can not only watch the experienced craftswomen work, see skillful museum samples and buy something for yourself, but also try yourself in this unusually interesting craft!


We  thank @lacemuseum for taking part in the filming and @_vologdalace_ for the photos and videos.

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