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Bom-Bom! The fame of the small town of Tutaev, Yaroslavl Region, goes far beyond Russia. It is here that the most sonorous bells are cast, which can also be heard in Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Georgia and other countries.

The secret of the pure sound lies not only in the high quality of the bronze, but also in the casting molds. Some of them have been used by local craftsmen since tsarist times. Today, the majority of production facilities take gypsum for molding, but in Tutaev they know: the most beautiful sound is produced by a bell cast using a mold based on clay from the local quarry!

Working with clay complicates the process - molding takes more than a month, but the result is worth it. Tutaev bells are famous for the purity of sound. Any ringer will confirm this to you!

How to cast a bell?

🔔 Tutaev is often dubbed “the pearl on the Volga”: it is worth coming here, not only to learn the secrets of bell making, but also to have some fun and admire the views of the ancient town, considered to be the point closing the route along the Golden Ring.

ℹ️  The most important thing is to contact in advance with representatives of the bell factory in Tutaev: you can find contacts on the website or on the page of the enterprise in VK. To get a preliminary insight into the intricacies of the process, sign up for a tour of the Bell Foundry Museum. Bonus: you can also try yourself as a ringer!

🚌 The best way to get to Tutaev is from Yaroslavl: buses from Yaroslavl bus station go every 20 minutes and the ticket costs about 117 rubles (approx. $2). Do not forget to check the bus schedule in advance!

🐟 For an hour, you can admire the view from the bus window or plan your further route to Rybinsk - the second big city of the region, famous for its “old-timer” signs and old merchant’s flavor!


Model: Anton Rogachev

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