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Thirsty for “living” water? Sure thing! Hot, cold, sulfate, dolomite, carbon dioxide-hydrogen sulfide… What kind of mineral water is not here!?

Here, in Stavropol, you can not only taste all kinds of ‘Narzan’ and ‘Essentuki’, but also take thermal baths, wrap yourself up in medicinal mud, take hikes through pine forests and admire the mountain views - you can see them almost from anywhere! In general, it is worth visiting to relax both body and soul.

What water to choose?

🚰 All mineral water is divided into three types:

1) medicinal, the drinking of which is prescribed by a physician,

2) therapeutic, which can be consumed from time to time without a prescription,

3) table water that you can drink at all times.

The water of the first two types is usually found in the pump rooms. The composition and therapeutic properties of mineral water differ in each city of the Stavropol Territory, so before you start your recreational procedures you need to decide on a resort.

🚰 Stavropol, the largest city in the region, is famous for its thermal springs, open all year round. Almost all of them are located on the territory of sanatoriums, but it is not necessary to book a room - one-time visits are also possible.

🚰 Kislovodsk is famous for ‘narzan’ - ordinary, dolomitic and sulfate types, which are prescribed for heart diseases. You can try all three types of the “living water” in the Narzan Gallery - the main tourist attraction;

🚰 In Essentuki, there are as many as 23 springs of the same name! There are three types of local mineral water: ‘No. 4’ (medium mineralization) and ‘No. 17’ (high mineralization) is advised to drink for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and digestive organs, while Essentuki ‘New’ improves eyesight and strengthens your hair and nails.

🚰 People come to Zheleznovodsk to treat kidney diseases: three types of local mineral water contain sodium chloride, which helps prevent irritation of the kidney tissue. Another popular treatment is mud therapy with the use of medicinal mud from Lake Tambukan.

🚰 Mineral waters of Pyatigorsk can fit any taste, color and even temperature! There are cold, hot and warm springs of the special Pyatigorsk narzans, which differ from the Kislovodsk ones with a higher content of hydrogen sulfide and salts. There are also ‘Essentuki No. 4’ - sulfurated and radionized waters and even thermal springs, in which you can take baths.

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