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Tambov Region

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‘Michurinskie’ is a brand that unites all of Tambov Region’s apple products.

Biologist and plant breeder Ivan Michurin has bred more than 300 varieties of plants: from well-known apples and pears to apricots and roses! 🤯

From 1635 until 1932, the city of Michurinsk was known as Kozlov (sounds like “goat” - kozel in Russian), so on the city’s coat of arms, in addition to the expected apples and a book, you can find a small goat.

Why was it called Kozlov? According to one version, the area was famous for its grazing meadows inhabited by wild goats, which gave rise to the toponym ‘Kozlovo tract’. Another version says that the name came from Simeon Kozlov - the first settler of these lands.

How to pick the best apples?

🍎Michurinsk is a small town, but a very cozy one.

🍎 The easiest way to get from Tambov to Michurinsk is by car or by train, which regularly runs between the cities. The trip takes about 1-1.5 hours.

🍎 We also highly recommend visiting the Michurin House Museum, but be careful - it is closed on Mondays.

🍎 The best time to travel to Michurinsk is early fall.

🍎 And finally, you can take a walk in the Michurinsky Podgorye Landscape Park.

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