The calmness of a fall day is suddenly broken by the roar of an engine… You can definitely tell by the nature of the sound: someone is intentionally sending a car into a controlled drift.
At first, it seems that kayaking is total relaxation. You don’t need to go anywhere or look for anything, you just float along the wide, stretching Volga River. There is an instructor by your side who is always ready to help and guide you the right way.
Попробовать скитур
Just imagine: you and your friends are standing on the top of a mountain, with only mountains around and miles of untouched snow and an inviting descent ahead of you…
Улететь на воздушном шаре в Псковской области
Circular shadows rise on the horizon. Burning gas irrepressibly hisses from the right, then from the left. Tight ropes hold huge canvases with warm air, tearing into the sky…
Познакомиться с
Izhevsk is famous for the followers of the great Soviet and Russian weapons designer Mikhail Kalashnikov.
Обрести силу в Дагестане
Another second and it seems you will give up. Your muscles are tense to the limit and trembling, but suddenly, you find your second wind. There it is: next level of fitness unlocked!
Пересечь пустыню Чарские пески
Hot air, endless spaces and lack of water: for most people, the word ‘desert’ is associated with an unfriendly dangerous place, where you definitely wouldn’t want to be left alone. But, in the very north of the Zabaykalsky Krai, there is a desert where getting lost is nothing scary and it’s called ‘Charskiye Peski’ (‘Chara Sands’).