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Kamchatka (Krai)

Russia Beyond
Russia Beyond
Just imagine: you and your friends are standing on the top of a mountain, with only mountains around and miles of untouched snow and an inviting descent ahead of you…

The most picturesque peninsula of Russia is a popular location not only for gastro tourism (oh, those Kamchatka crabs 🦀 🦀 🦀), but also for outdoor activities. And it’s not just about kayaking or hiking the Klyuchevskaya Sopka. Kamchatka is also a favorite place for freeriders and ski tourists!

How to go on a ski tour?

🎿 In Kamchatka, the skiing season lasts from mid-February to the end of April.

⛷ It is better to plan the downhill skiing in advance: despite the popularity of Kamchatka among tourists, it is not always possible to organize everything on the spot. Also, don’t forget to get insurance before the trip: skiing on wild trails is quite dangerous.

🤑 Classic ski touring involves a hike in skiing equipment with a professional guide of these places. One day of professional guidance will cost about 5 thousand rubles per person.

🚁 If you like extreme journeys, choose options with vehicles: climb to the starting point on a snowmobile, car or even helicopter, however, in the latter case, the price tag will be much higher. A ride on a snowmobile will cost at least 10 thousand rubles per person and a helicopter - 50 thousand rubles per passenger for several ascents, but you will have the opportunity to go down on untouched virgin snow directly to the Pacific Ocean, the mouth of a volcano or hot springs!

🙃 The most enjoyable and easy way to recover from ski touring is to relax in the thermal springs. In the valley of the Paratunka River there are many recreation centers and resorts with outdoor hot thermal pools.

👙 This is where some of the most popular skiing and snowboarding trails end, so don’t forget to take a swimsuit with you on your trip - your weary muscles will thank you for such a Kamchatka spa.

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