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The calmness of a fall day is suddenly broken by the roar of an engine… You can definitely tell by the nature of the sound: someone is intentionally sending a car into a controlled drift.

Even if you have never considered yourself a fan of motorsport, this “car ballet” on the asphalt looks incredibly spectacular both from the side, when clouds of smoke from erasing tires envelop the body, and from inside the cabin, when you watch the actions of the driver and realize that driving a car this way is a real art!

How to break into fall?

There are many ways to catch the last warm days. But, we believe that the most spectacular way is to do it on a race track in one of the sunniest regions of Russia - Amur Region. "So why go so far away, when you can find asphalt for drifting or drag racing in Moscow, Smolensk or Kazan?" the experienced traveler will ask. There are three reasons for this.

Firstly, the sun shines in Amur Region on average for 150 days a year and it is much easier to pull off your first controlled drift on dry asphalt.

Secondly, because of the proximity to Japan, in this region, you can come across many cult drift car models, not just during city sporting events, but also simply on the streets of Blagoveshchensk.

And thirdly, there are a lot of motorsport enthusiasts who are so passionate about this business that you will not even notice how you found yourself inside a charged sports car!


The editorial staff of Russia Beyond would like to thank the Amur Region Motorsports Federation, Amur-Auto-Tour and personally @roman_shabanov81 , @dadyurbas and @state28_blg for their help in organizing this “drive-by” shoot!

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