Kayak along the Volga River

Saratov Region

Russia Beyond
Russia Beyond
At first, it seems that kayaking is total relaxation. You don’t need to go anywhere or look for anything, you just float along the wide, stretching Volga River. There is an instructor by your side who is always ready to help and guide you the right way.

There’s a mirror-like water surface all around, reeds are whispering and water lilies are blooming silently…  Silence and calmness… And then you start swimming against the current. 😅

But it's ok, there's a professional nearby, he’ll tell you how to keep your back straight and how to row ergonomically. And he’ll pour you a punch drink while stopping for a short break on one of the islands between Saratov and Engels.

How to grab an oar?

🛶 You can get to Saratov by anything - there are options for every taste and budget. You just have to choose: plane, train, bus or car.

🛶 In summer, you can even sail to Saratov! The city stands on the Volga, with motor ships departing from Volga Region’s major ports, as well as from Rostov-on-Don and Moscow.

🛶 Our partners from @volgakayak offer a wide variety of routes. You can catch the dawn fog near Saratov at 5 am or you can kayak farther and longer (we advise this!). For example, see the fields with water lilies!

🛶 Before rafting, there’ll be an introductory lesson, where you’ll be explained safety rules: how to sit and work with an oar in order not to roll over and what to do if it happens… Spoiler: always wear a lifejacket!

🛶 Rafting is family-friendly, so take your kids with you, they’ll love this adventure!

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