Get acquainted with the Kalashnikov

Udmurtia (Republic)

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Russia Beyond
Izhevsk is famous for the followers of the great Soviet and Russian weapons designer Mikhail Kalashnikov.

The city has two huge factories that produce the world-famous ‘kalash’ rifles and other renowned models of weapons and a large modern museum dedicated to the designer, his developments and his life’s work.

And for dessert - a shooting gallery: we’ll shoot with an AK-47 right in the museum!

How to get acquainted with the Kalashnikov?

🚌 You can get to Izhevsk by plane or train from all over Russia;

👮🏼‍♂️ Unfortunately, the plant is now closed to visitors: it’s a secure facility and extremely difficult to get in!

🔫 But don’t despair! The M. T. Kalashnikov Museum gladly welcomes guests every day, where you can try out a pneumatic copy of the famous AK-47 or other weapons!

And, most importantly, you can find your “Kalashnikov” anywhere in Russia! Head to the shooting range and unload a couple of magazines on targets, testing your shooting skills!

And a little bit more about Izhevsk

Izhevsk is one of the most famous industrial centers of Russia: weapons, steel, pipe, mechanical, automotive. Many other industries existed here and still thrive. It grew from a worker’s settlement at a metallurgical plant in Imperial Russia into the city that gave the country the first Russian motorcycle ‘Izh’ and the truly legendary Kalashnikov assault rifle.

Although the Udmurt capital has taken on the challenging role of an industrial center, the city is famous for its monuments of classical and brick architecture, which have survived to this day and for establishments of cultural leisure for many interests.

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