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Another second and it seems you will give up. Your muscles are tense to the limit and trembling, but suddenly, you find your second wind. There it is: next level of fitness unlocked!

💪🏻 Training in the mountains of Dagestan is an opportunity to improve your physical abilities. At high altitude, the human heart and lungs function somewhat differently. There’s less oxygen, so the body begins the process of adaptation. As a result, when descending, the athlete shows a better result than before. This secret is used by both Olympic champions and legendary Dagestani wrestlers. 

And it’s much more pleasant to train with a view of the majestic Caucasian mountains or the Sulak Canyon meandering with a turquoise strip than in an ordinary gym. One peak, another, a third… and now you are already at the height, which you never dreamed of reaching before.

How to gain strength?

💪🏻 🤼‍♀️ Dagestan is known for its invincible wrestlers who train there. So why not try to pump yourself to the fullest? For example, holidays or vacations can be spent at sports camps. It is enough for adults to agree in advance with the chosen wrestling school (there are more than a dozen of them throughout the republic). Children can go as part of a camp or section.

🌄 And what about ordinary tourists, who aren’t really up for a sparring session? Well, there’s a lot to discover in Dagestan - be it ascending steep mountain paths and seeing beautiful villages or descending to the purest mountain rivers. A week and a half of such “exercises” at medium altitudes and - voila! - you will definitely feel the power of a champion within yourself! 🏆


🏃 @anton_rogachev_ experienced this adventure.

🙂 The editors would like to thank Khalilulla Gusseynovich Magomedov from the village of Tsumada-Urukh for his help in filming.

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