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Astrakhan Region

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If you are the kind of person who is ready to spend hours watching your fishing rod float, then you should definitely pay a visit to the outskirts of Astrakhan - fishing lovers from all over Russia go there.

The estuary of the Volga River and many of its tributaries are inhabited by pike, bream, pikeperch, roach, grass carp, perch and dozens of other fish species, so these places are very popular among avid fishermen. At the end of summer, you can also observe the lotus blossoms - the main thing is not to get too distracted so that the fish doesn’t get off the hook!

How to catch a pike?

🐟 The best time for a fishing expedition to the Astrakhan Region is the second half of summer. Recreational fishing is prohibited here from May 15 till June 20 and crayfishing - from April 1 till June 30.

🚤 The Astrakhan locals often prefer to fish outside the city limits: in the delta of the Volga or its tributaries, on the Akhtuba - the long river that crosses the entire Astrakhan Region and the Upper and Lower Trekhchiy. In all these places, you can fish in the wild or, on the contrary, stay comfortably at the local tourist center. Usually, accommodation during the fishing season costs from 1,200-1,500 rubles per person per day.

🎣 Even if you have never held a fishing rod in your hands, you still have a chance for a good catch: all-inclusive fishing is practiced here. At most local hostels, you can rent fishing gear, buy bait and use the services of a guide, who will do everything to ensure that you come back with lots of fish.

🦞 Don’t forget about the rules of Astrakhan fishing: it is strictly prohibited to catch sturgeon, trout, whitefish, kutum, fish, badyaga or burbot, as well as catching fish in places where they spawn. If you are going with your own equipment, we advise you to check the list of allowed equipment and not to fish in wintering pits and spawning areas. The list of specific places can be found on the Internet and in local tourist centers.

One ruffe is a pot of soup!

If you can’t wait to taste your catch, here’s a simple recipe for soup in a pot. You will need a camp kettle (preferably cast-iron, but enameled or stainless steel will also do), some vegetables and, most importantly - fresh fish.

🥔 Boil two liters of water, drop in one sliced potato and a small whole onion. Boil the water and boil the potatoes until they become soft.

🐟 Peel scales from one or two small fish (the soup will be tastier if the fish are different species) and remove their fins, tails, gills and eyes. Slice the fish into large chunks.

🍲 Take the onion out of the vegetable broth and add the fish, salt, black pepper and bay leaf. Wait until the water starts boiling again and simmer for another 8-10 minutes. Add herbs (optional) and serve with toasted bread!

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