Reach Mount Elbrus

Kabardino-Balkaria (Republic)

Russia Beyond
Russia Beyond
Mount Elbrus welcomes travelers from all over the world with open arms. It is there that the paths of experienced climbers and novice enthusiasts cross.

If you dream of conquering the highest point of the Caucasus and Russia, then it’s time to go to Kabardino-Balkaria and head for Mount Elbrus.

The Elbrus region opens up to everyone in their own way: to climbers, to hikers and especially to ski lovers!

The resort season in Elbrus and Cheget starts from December and lasts until May, but, in some places, the snow is suitable for skiing all year round. The two mountains account for a total of more than 30 km of trails of various types.

The slopes of Mount Elbrus are suitable for everyone: from beginner skiers and snowboarders to seasoned athletes, who hunt for red and black slopes. For example, on Cheget, you can often meet riders from all over the world. Driven by the desire to test their skills, extreme sports enthusiasts especially appreciate these places for a variety of obstacles and the opportunity to stay away from well-groomed ski resorts, enjoying the pristine beauty of mountain nature.

How to get to Mount Elbrus?

Getting started in mountaineering or skiing is much easier than you think! Moreover, Kabardino-Balkaria offers a lot of options!

Think about equipment first. Regardless of physical fitness and experience for a mountain hike, you will need: trekking shoes, clothes made of membrane fabrics, a hat for sun protection and hiking accessories (mugs, thermoses, heating pads).

Finding tours to Mount Elbrus on location or via the Internet is not difficult, but we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the available programs in advance, contacting companies and guides.

What to choose: go on a ten-day hike to the very top or walk along the picturesque mountain routes of the Elbrus region? Of course, it’s up to you to decide… but we would love to choose both options!

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