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Magadan Region

Russia Beyond
Russia Beyond
For an unforgettable shot, you need to go to a place where there is everything at once: a restless sea, romantic fogs, high mountains, swift seagulls and uninhabited islands… Do you know where to find such nature? In Magadan Region!

A storm covers the sky with darkness… “And excellent!” Any landscape photographer will tell you. “So there will be texture and interesting light!”

And then, the excitement increases: will it be possible to take a picture so memorable that it will inspire you to travel to the ends of the earth?

In hard-to-reach places, the photographer has no time to think about such nonsense as a hot dinner or a hat forgotten somewhere. Time is always short! All that occupies the mind is which shooting point to choose, whether to change the lens and, of course, how not to lose the constant battle with the sun: either there is a lot of it or there is not enough of it or it decided to go over the mountain too early… just wait a little more - click! - and the best shot of the trip is ready!

How to wait for the weather by the sea

If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plan… the plan to sail the ship across the Sea of Okhotsk. This is how you want to spend the whole day in one of the most beautiful places in Magadan Region - on Cape Taran - but, suddenly, creeping fog and the beginning of a storm completely confuse all plans. “So why don’t you check the forecast?” the inquisitive reader will ask. Let’s have a look, of course! However, the local weather often ignores any calculations of meteorologists and surprises travelers!

And, yet, we have a little time: we quickly land on the shore and run to the lighthouse. The door is open. Carefully, in order not to touch the electrical wires that feed the led-backlight in the dome of the lighthouse (yes, technology reaches such remote places), we go upstairs. The view is simply breathtaking!

One of the brave members of our film crew is ready for a real forced march: before the fog completely covers everything around, he decides to climb up the side of the mountain. That’s where the best shooting point is! And, if you still have the courage to approach the edge of the cliff behind the lighthouse with the intensifying wind, then the frame with the bird colony is ready.

The captain gives a signal to hurry up, otherwise the rubber boat will not have time to make a few walkers to return everyone to the ship. As soon as the last group rises to the deck, the fog falls like a dense wall on Cape Taran. But, looking through the resulting frames, we breathe a sigh of relief… We did it!


Russia Beyond says a huge human thanks to the guides from Kayur Travel for their help in organizing the filming and heartfelt conversations about the Magadan region.

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