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Primorsky (Krai)

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Russia Beyond
What Russian doesn’t dream of going to Vladivostok and overeating on every type of red caviar, warming up with a fiery soup with mussels or feasting on huge shrimp?

Delicate scallops and, of course, crabs are considered to be the region’s standout seafood delicacies. 

Want to try something more exotic? Not a problem. Ask the waiter for sea urchin caviar over ice. 

Still not exotic enough? Then ask for some sea slug with cones - or trepanga, as they call it here. It’s not the most beautiful “sea reptile”, but is incredibly valued in neighboring China for its healing properties. Some even say that it grants immortality!

By the way, the Chinese name of Vladivostok - Haishenwai - translates as “blue sea cucumber bay”.

How to try all the seafood?

🍤 Seafood in Primorsky Region is literally served at every corner. If you can’t get enough of them, take them with you. In specialized stores, 500-gram packs with delicacies are carefully packed into thermo packs, which will keep their precious cargo for a day on the way or even longer… If you don’t devour everything on the way!😋

🦀 One of the most famous restaurants in town is ‘Zuma’. The menu is spectacular. Grilled octopus or scallops in sweet-and-sour sauce? Squid dishes or halibut on a pear? Tuna tataki or Far-Eastern crab? Enough talking, bring the crab! 

🐟 Want to catch your own lunch? Then hire a captain with a boat. Only half an hour from Vladivostok - and you are already pulling flounder after flounder directly into the boat. Add a little oil, salt, crispy breading and - voila! It tastes better than crab, we swear!

🍜 Do you know how notorious gourmets operate? They are always planning their visit to Primorsky Krai for some gastronomic festival. And there are so many of them here! Throughout the year, mussels, smelt, oysters, Far Eastern scallops and crabs become the main characters of the plates in turn.

Where the sea is, there is romance. What about food lovers?

🐙 Combine pleasure with pleasantness! Grab some picnic treats and head to the Tokarevsky lighthouse. Although you still need free hands to take pictures for Instagram Stories. Therefore, heed a tip from the locals for a great and inexpensive cafe just a two-minute drive from the lighthouse. 

In ‘Cafe Octopus’, you should order the grilled octopus (which the name of the place seems to hint at) and their oysters. Just don’t believe the waiter when he says that the “oysters are small” - they’re huge and only 100 rubles each.

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