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In the city of Kolomna, you could have pastile for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are more than a dozen types, from the usual berry and nut types to the “binge and drunkenness” detox types. We recommend trying the latter with local cider.

When residents of big cities “don’t have enough resources”, they rely on the healing power of Kolomna’s hedonism: a pastry and coffee overlooking the river, a hearty lunch with cold cider and pastile for dessert and a hot dinner with honey mead. During breaks - walk around the city, look at the attics and signs, count the churches. And then go to bed, wake up and… repeat! A perfect recipe for a weekend in Kolomna.

How to overeat Kolomna pastile?

🧁 The Moscow-Kolomna train leaves from Kazansky station several times a day and takes two hours to get to Kolomna. The ticket is 300 rubles. Taking a car from central Moscow will take 2-3 hours, depending on traffic; 

🧁 There are two “pastile” museums in town, both open all year round. They can be found at Posadskaya Street 13a and Polyanskaya Street 4;

🧁 Kolomna is a small town, so you can get around it all over a weekend. It’s a great place for trips with children and leisurely walks… But be warned: party people will be bored!

🧁 There are hotels and apartments for every taste and budget, but we advise you to book in advance! You won’t be the only ones going! 😜

🧁 P.S. Be sure to try the local kalachi!

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